ASECS14: Bizarre Silks, Beverage Trinity, Gothic Orientalism

“Enlightenment Occlusions:

Hidden Hybridity in European Literature and Culture”



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At ASECS14, I co-organized and co-chaired a panel with the wonderful Dr. Samara Cahill. We were excited about this panel not only because it featured the kinds of transdiciplinary and transnational work we both love, but it was also one of two debut panel's for the Southeast Asian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (SASECS) at ASECS.  

For more on SASECS, including their recent MLA panels and upcoming conference, Sustainable Networks: The Enlightenment to the Contemporary (Nanyang Technological University Yunnan Garden Campus, Singapore June 13-15, 2014), see the brand new website: *


For more on the presenters, their presentations, and publications, along with information on the panel in general,

see the the link to its official page on this site or scroll through the presentation with tweets on Storify.

1. Katarzyna Bartoszyńska, Bilkent University, “Foreign Imports: Jan Potocki’s Gothic Orientalism”

2. David Borgonjon, Brown University, “From Oriental Genius to Native Genius/Oriental Genies: The ‘Bizarre Silks’ and Exoticist Abstraction”

3. Christine A. Jones, University of Utah, “On the Making of a Beverage Trinity: Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate”

Slides from David and Christine's presentations are below, as is a Storify slideshow of the event. ***

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