Teaching Experience

I am currently an Assistant Professor in Howard University's English Department, where a teach a range of literature classes, from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Due to my concerns about student privacy, I do not list Dissertations, Honors Thesis, Independent Projects, Internship Supervision, and Other Student Scholarship on my Public CV. If more details are needed, please contact me.


  • Graduate:
    • The Black Atlantic: 17th through 19th-century, primarily Anglophone literature by and representations of the African Diaspora, with  an emphasis on life writing, including slave narratives.
    • The Black Atlantic II: The Global Eighteenth-Century: 18th and 19th-century literature of the British Empire, with a focus on the intersections of race, class, and gender in constructions of nation and empire.
  • Undergraduate:
    • Sophomore Seminar II: Introduction to Literary Theory
    • British Foundations: Survey of Literature from the British Isles and Empire, Medieval through Present Day.

Past Experience

From 2010-2013,  in additional to a regular teaching load, I supervised a minimum of one student independent research project per term (including January Term), ranging from Honors Thesis, Presidential Scholars Research Assistants, to Internships.During this time I also developed twelve new, interdisciplinary courses for Colby College's English Department. One third were cross-listed with Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; half involved assignments using the library's special collections; two thirds included Digital Humanities assignments; and all twelve involved discussions of race, slavery, and colonialism

  • Cross-Listed with Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
    • The Sublime, Supernatural, and Subversive (UK Gothic Literature)
    • Representing and Rethinking Women in the Public Sphere (Capstone Class for English majors)
    • Frances Burney: Authorship, Authority, and 18th-Century Women Writers 
    • Jane Austen
  • Narrative and Genre Courses
    • Histories and Theories of the Eighteenth-Century English Novel: 1750-1800
    • Drama and Lyric Poetry of the Restoration and Early 18th Century
    • Outlaws and Outsiders in Early 18th-Century British Literature 
    • Daniel Defoe (Capstone Class for English majors)
  • Composition, Rhetoric, and Methodology Courses
    • Language, Thought, and Writing (First-Year Composition and Introduction to English Major)
    • English Composition: Labels, Luxury, and Labor (First-Year Composition)
    • English Composition: Everything's a Story/Everything’s an Argument (First-Year Composition)
    • The English Seminar (Introduction to the English Major)

Experience at Other Institutions: 

Courses by Theme

  • Transatlantic Focus
    • The Eighteenth-Century Novel: Outsiders & Adventurers in 18-C. Novels (UC San Diego)
    • Enlightenment, Romanticism, Revolution, 1660-1848 (UC San Diego)
    • English Literature Anglo Saxon to Neo-Classical: Inventing Identities (San Diego State University, University of San Diego)
  • Post-Colonial Theory or Global Focus
    • The Classical Tradition: The Ancient “Novel” (UC San Diego)
    • Special Topics in Global Communications: Storytellers: Communicating Across Cultures (Roger Williams University)
    • Literature and Philosophy (Roger Williams University)
  • Composition & Rhetoric
    • Critical Thinking and Composition (Palomar College)
    • English Composition(Palomar College)
    • English Essentials(Palomar College)

For dossier with Statement of Teaching Philosophy, examples of syllabi, et cetera, email me


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